Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Your Application

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What Should I Consider Before Applying?

Our Senior Consultants at SOS recommend that when applying for a teaching position, you know exactly what your best assets are and what type of job you are seeking. Focus on the following points to maximise your job prospects:
By registering with Staffing Organisation Services you will be screened and accepted by our recruitment staff. We will then become familiarised with your skills and expertise so that we are able to represent you in the most positive light adding to your chances of securing the job.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process includes a number of vetting checks (see below for an outline of these checks). Staffing Organisation Services will need to confirm that you are a qualified teacher, we need to have established where you would like to teach, what type of school you would like to teach in, what type of teaching job you are looking for (casual relief teaching or contract or permanent) and your availability for work. Staffing Organisation Services can then begin to offer you a choice of assignments that are best suited to your preferences. So start your application right away, click our Registration Now button.

Our Vetting Procedures

Staffing Organisation Services adheres to safe recruitment in education and has vetting procedures in place that ensure adequate checks are carried out on qualified teachers. Evidence of all checks is filed and recorded on our database.