Welcome to Staffing Organisation Services!

We are delighted to hear from you and hope that we can assist you in your endeavours to find the ultimate workplace environment. Staffing Organisation Services exercises the highest standards when placing teachers in schools as Casual Relief Teachers or Teachers into contract teaching positions. As a CRT representing Staffing Organisation Services, one of the leading Australian Teacher Recruitment Agencies, you will be expected to exhibit your individual expertise, creativity and knowledge at all times.

As one of the leading education sector placement services in Australia we facilitate employment opportunities for Primary, Secondary and Kindergarten teachers, and, our wage rates are more generous than other agencies.

Qualified Teachers

Whether you are looking for a permanent placement in a school or CRT positions in different schools, Staffing Organisation Services can find the right teaching position for you. Simply click on our “Register Now” button.

During the academic year we offer a diverse range of teaching placements available throughout Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat in Victoria. These placements cover all levels within the education industry from kindergarten to primary and secondary, including special needs teaching jobs.

We work diligently to offer you, the teacher, the most suitable teaching job to match your teaching specialisations. Our senior staff members are retired teachers and principals who have an extensive understanding of placing teachers in appropriate teaching positions. Furthermore, our staff members continue to support you once you have accepted a teaching position at a school.

Types of Work

The teaching opportunities we offer come under the following main categories

Long Term Teaching: Contract and Permanent Teaching Positions

Teachers will have the opportunity to apply for long term teaching contracts as they become available to Staffing Organisation Services. Such contracts will last between six weeks to an entire academic year and even through to permanent contracts. This is an option for the teacher who seeks the security of regular employment or who simply wants to teach in one school setting.

Casual Relief Teaching (CRT)

Casual teachers cover short term absences lasting from one day to two days through to one or two weeks. This type of work suits teachers who do not want to commit to longer term teaching positions and who seek to explore different socio economic conditions within schools. Casual teaching on a daily basis can suit the lifestyle of many teachers looking for flexibility. Staffing Organisation Services places hundreds of teachers in casual positions on a daily basis.

Out of School Work

In addition to teaching in schools during the day, Staffing Organisation Services offers the opportunity for teachers to earn extra income in before/after school care programs.